Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hayleigh's first 4th of July

Well it definitely wasn't the hottest 4th we ever had but it was in the 90's and pretty hot for a little baby. for the acutal 4th, we took Hayleigh outside to watch the fireworks that all the families on our street were doing. At first she was intrigued but I think the loud pops scared her a little because she would hide her face in my chest and slowly peak out again to see. That only lasted about 10 minutes and we decided she just wasn't that into them... but I don't know many 2 month olds that would be. The next day was my husband's annual family BBQ. It was definitely a hot one. Hayleigh had the cutest 4th of July outfit that my mom got her but I finally stripped the kid down to her diaper since we were both sticking together from sweat. My soon to be sister-in-law's little nephew Clayton was there. I decided since he was SO CUTE that I needed to make him Hayleigh's boyfriend. I am already working on arranging the marriage. LOL Hayleigh did pretty good though for her first whole day outside in some hot weather. A bunch of us with kiddos hung out under a big tree at my in-laws house where there was a nice breeze and the kids could stay cool. Not sure if it was because of all the excitement or heat, but Hayleigh slept from 9pm-7am.... ALL NIGHT!!!!! I of course flew out of bed this morning because something had to be wrong for this child to sleep that late. LOL. Though she is sleeping through the night for the most part, she enjoys getting up at 4 or 5am so you can imagine my surprise. Overall, it was a nice first 4th for little Miss Hayleigh.

Her 4th of July outfit!

Grammy, Big Daddy & I got her to laugh:

Hayleigh's new little boyfriend Clayton. We put them in a little wagon together

Going in for a kiss! They were too cute!

Hayleigh & Daddy hanging out

My niece Carson being silly

"Shade" bathing


julie said...

She is too cute!!

Jenna said...

She is beautiful! I'm glad you has so much fun for Hayleigh's first
4th of July! :)

The Perry Fam said...

How sweet is she!?!?

Amanda said...

Golly, she really is long! Cute pics!

Jessica said...

She is so cute!!