Friday, July 18, 2008

My little girl is growing up!

So my little munchkin has hit her 3 month mark! It is crazy how fast time goes by. This week, I went through her drawers and closet and packed up all her newborn clothing and pretty much anything up to 3 months because she doesn't fit into them anymore. It made me a little sad. People aren't joking when they tell you to enjoy each day because your kids grow up so fast. Hayleigh no longer needs me to hold her head, she is perfectly capable of doing so on her own. She is able to roll herself over occasionally, and maneuver in her crib all around so that throughout the night, she is facing a different direction. She baby talks all day long, she loves listening to the sounds she can make with her mouth. And crazily, she has a tooth lingering just below the surface already. Her personality and smiles get bigger every day. She is showing so much interest in the world around her. I am loving playing with her and teaching all you can "teach" a 3 month old. Next week she is taking her 3 month pictures so I will have those to post. In the mean time, here are a few of here discovery of toys. She is starting to show more interest in them and this is a duck that grammy bought her the other day. We call him Howard.

Trying to eat Howard the Duck

Trying to find that tooth


Jenna said...

Kara she is gorgeous! The way you write about her is so sweet :)

Amanda said...

Howard's a good name for a duck, LOL.

3 months is when they really start to be fun; I love it. She's a doll!

Maryann said...

She is such a living doll. Give her kisses from me!