Friday, August 8, 2008

My little giggle bear

So she is really on a roll with firsts! She officially let out her first belly laugh and it was so adorable I nearly cried! We have been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for her to laugh out loud. She always does this big open mouth "silent" laugh, where it looks like she wants to laugh so hard but never does. Last night, I stripped her down to her diaper and was letting her roll all over her soft blanket. So I take out the camera to try and get this on tape and of couse, she won't roll over for the camera. So my camera battery finally dies and Jon wanders in the room and starts kissing her and tickling her neck and then she let out the most adorable laugh! We both stood there shocked and so he did it again and she laughed again! It was like her laugh broke free from where it was trapped! Of course we started calling the grandparents and trying to get them to listen on speaker phone but the little stinker wouldn't do it... she was only saving it for mommy and daddy. Hopefully this means many more laughs to come!